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The mission of JDM Custom Knives is to provide the customer a quality knife. All JDM Knives are guaranteed if properly used and cared for. I am very lucky that I have been able to take a passion of mine and turn it into a very successful business. Its the kind of business that allows me to be very specific with the types of knives that I carry, and I have chosen to carry what I enjoy; high quality collectible knives and my own custom creations. So, please feel free to take some time and browse the selection. Be assured that not only will the quality of any custom knife you choose, be second to none, but your ordering experience will be outstanding as well. I have gotten to where I am today only through my loyal friends and customers. See something that you like? Please let Me know and allow me to SHOW you why I am one of the web's favorite "small" custom knife shop. 

One Of A Kind Custom Knives in IL

Thank you for your interest in my Handmade custom Knives. Every knife I make is made from the finest materials available to me. I hand craft each knife individually, giving every one the care and attention it needs to come out right.
When you pair this kind of approach to knife making with my preferred choices of materials. steel, combined with natural handle materials, such as
Hardwood, bone or mammoth ivory. The result is a knife that is truly like no other.
I try my best to incorporate into my designs gentle curves and changes in lines that convey a sense of motion and life. Beauty, warmth and a quality that will last a lifetime.

All my knives are handmade solely by myself. I freehand grind all my blades from raw
barstock using the stock removal method.
My goal is to build knives with focus, intent, and integrity required to breath fire into every blade.

Craftsman Experience
Our many years of experience means that your custom made knife will be of the highest possible quality knife around. I offer 'a lifetime' warranty so you can be sure your knife purchase is always safe.

Custom Knives IL
JDM Knives is synonymous with the highest quality and attention to detail knives that you will find anywhere. JDM Knives can turn just about any idea into a great knife and also stocks a range of pre-made knives for sale.



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