Thailand Custom Knives

30 years ago, a small town; Uthaithani was the center of ThaiIand handgun’s manufacturer, which there was not any control from the government. As a result, the city has transformed to be the state-of-the-art in knife producer as it is the necessary instrument for human, for example, they have used knifes for self-protection, hunting, etc in daily life for thousand years. As the time gone by, knifes have been developed to be more functional in various practices for convenience. A great valuable knife should be SHARP and easy to use. The Uthaithani’s knife maker have created sharpen and eye-catching products to attract the people’s interest in their merchandise, especially, their knife’s blade that is remarkable beauty. Also, the knife haft has been designed for users to be able to hold it firmly. All in all, it is stunning and durable. Continually developed technology have facilitated the better production that creates high quality and attractive creation. “HAND MADE.”