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I have always had an interest in knives and had a large collection of custom-made knives. As President of a manufacturing company I traveled to many different countries and found how most countries had different types of knives.

In my travels, I planned to have time in order to search for knives that represent that county’s type of knife. In 2012 I survived a freak accident that lead to brain surgery and although I could not continue my executive management position, I taught myself how to make knives. Since that time I have become very proficient at hand-making custom hunting and tactical knives.

I use exotic wood, Mammoth Ivory, Mammoth molar, and other high-end materials to build beautiful art knives, aesthetics is as important as the function for many knives.

Today I do have a 235 Square foot shop including two 2” X 72” knife-making grinders at my home. So the knives I make are all fixed blade knives and each knife includes a custom hand-made and tooled sheath. Knife and Gun shows are where I sell some knives but it is the word of mouth where I get most customers from.

I buy, sell and trade manufactured knives, mostly high-end automatic and flipper knives. The reason for that is to get your knife out and open with one hand.

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