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Manfred Sachse Damascus

The distinctive pattern of Damascus steel is hand-forged in Solingen, Germany, using a process dating back to the steel swords of the middle ages.

There are only a few knife makers in the entire world who have the talent to create this same kind of metallurgical art. Mr. Mafred Sachse, of Solingen Germany, is one of this rare breed.

To accomplish the lamination, glowing iron is hammered and folded many times, producing a marbled blade many times the strength of a single piece. The Blade is then heat treated to a Rockwell of C55-56 and died in acid that eats away at the iron from the surface. It is this process that brings out the wavy layered grain in the steel. Like fingerprints, no two are the same.

Keeping with the middle age tradition and authentic Damascus steel swards, the edge is ground thick, as strength of the cutting edge is preferred over fragile razor sharpness.

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