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Types of Collectors

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A collector is a certain kind of person, you might think. This is true, but it’s also not true. Within the realm of collectors of anything—trading cards, stamps, cars, watches, there exists different types of individuals with differing tastes and motives. Half of the fun in collecting is identifying not only that which you’d like to collect but also specializing in a particular area that you are drawn to.

Knife collecting is no exception, read on to see if your type is represented below!

The Random Collector


Most people start here, they one day purchase a knife and there’s something to it that draws them. From thereon, they purchase more knives but there’s no throughline between the purchases, everything is on a whim or based on individual attraction to the piece. From purchasing a Buck folder to a fixed Damascus hunter, anything goes.

The Knife Brand Collector


The name or brand knife collector typically goes after knives based on what brand is making them. In the world of knives, many utility knives are highly characteristic of their makers, whether you’re getting a knife from Buck. Spyderco, Cold Steel, etc.

A brand loyalist takes pride in collecting the wealth of products a brand has to offer and often aligns their tastes and values with that brand.

The Knife Type Collector

The knife type collector is fascinated with a particular form factor. People become quite commonly obsessed with folding knives in particular. This is probably due to the fact that there’s an addictive quality to playing with the folding mechanism, often known as the fidget factor.

The fidget factor is often behind the most collected knife types apart from folders; karambits, butterfly knives, these types are highly popular because of their form factors.

Being able to flip a knife isn’t always the reason why type collectors are fascinated, practical reasons exist too. A hunter may choose fixed blade knives because of their usefulness in hunting or bushcraft.

Historical Knife Collectors

A historical knife collector is often part of a broader spectrum of collecting, they enjoy blades of all types. They often collect blades that are synonymous with other regions of the world or parts of history. The collector of Asian blades such as the Tanto or Katana is just one example of the many different types of blades history has seen.

Tulwars, kukris’, Scimitars, Rapiers, Broadswords, short swords, daggers, the list goes on! Daggers are especially a subject of collection for history buffs due to their infamy as the given choice for assassins.

The Rare Custom Knife Collector


In terms of rare custom knives, brand translates to who the knife maker is—so Bob Loveless would be one of the most famous examples of a highly collectable maker. JDM Knives has likely sold and traded more Loveless knives than anyone!

Custom knife collectors are often deeply appreciative of the process and aesthetic of a finished knife. They see knives as works of art and superior craftsmanship.

Rare Custom Knife Shop Online

Did you see yourself in any of these types of collectors? It’s entirely possible to have a little of each inside all of us. The one thing that connects us all is our love for knives and the manufacturers and craftsmen that make them.

JDM Knives is your access point for some of the greatest custom knives ever made. For any questions about our listings or if you are seeking a particular knife, we invite you to get in touch with us today. Call anytime during 8:00 AM- 7:00 PM including weekends -Jeff-815-245-9900

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